Belly Dance Students
Belly Dance Students:

DRUM SOLO "Tabla solo 1" VIDEO

You Tube video of my Veil, Arm & Drum Solo Sahra Saidi" "choreograpies

ARM MOVEMENT CHOREOGRAPHY (on the You Tube clip above after the veil choreography)

Music is from the CD Ashraf Zakaria Presents Sahra Saeeda
“Nye Solo” Track # 7 (Helena Vlahos Arm Movement choreography)
1. (:o-:07) 1-Swan Arms (arm come up from sides of body in a sweeping motion), into 3-Taj Mahal (hands go in and out shaping a pineapple)
2. (:07-:12) Hands Waive down the body, come in at eye level and come down the body again
3. (:12-:22) Snake Arms (6 = RLRLRL) into Snake Arms Front into
4. (:22-:27) Square (arms come in like a Jeanie pose and rotate around and up and down within the chest area)
5. (:27-:33)Snake Arms going across chest from R to L (turning body slightly R to L as arms)
6. (:33-:40) Caress, arms come up around head alternately (2 slow+4 fast+4 fast, meaning R hand around head slowly, L hand around head slowly, R,L,R,L fast +R,L,R,L fast)
7. (:40-:46) Head-Breast-Hips Caress (Bring hands behind head as if you are smoothing your hair but don’t touch , bring hands front over shoulders to chest, bring hands over breasts as if you are shaping them but don’t touch them, bring hands down to waist and behind hips)
8. (:46-:50) 2-Around the World (hip circles) Arms come out from the Hip Caress into and open position on each side of body
9. (:51-:54) 2-Rib Cage Circles
10. (:54-:57) Arms come up above head
11. (:57-1:04) Arm & Face Caress (face diagonal R and bring L arm down the R arm then the R cheek in a hand/finger waive, bring L arm up. Repeat on other side.
12. (1:04-1:07) Hand Waive down the body in front and center
13. (1:07-1:14) 4-Serpent Arms (2 facing front, last 2 with turns)
14. (1:14-1:17) Arms come down and up to finish in a strong pose


Ashraf Zakaria Presents Sahra Saeeda
“Nye Solo” Track # 7 (Helena Vlahos Arm Movement choreography)
List of Movements
1. 1-Swan Arms
2. 3-Taj Mahal
3. Hand Waive (down body)
4. Hands meet at eye level & come down body
5. 6-Snake Arms (R,L,R,L,R,L)
6. Snake Arms Front
7. Square Snake Arms
8. Snake Arms Across (R to L)
9. Caress
10. Head-Breast-Hips Caress
11. 2Around the World (Hip Circles)
12. 2Rib Cage Circles
13. Arms come up above head
14. 2-Arm & Face Caress (1 diagonal R with L hand caressing 1 diagonal L with R hand caressing)
15. Hand Waive down body & join hands down at hip level
16. 4-Serpent Arms l 2 standing facing front & 2- while turning)
17. . Stop & Pose bringing arms down and up

If you have any questions call or e-mail me.

Helena (818) 618-9746

Some Beginner Belly Dance Movements

1) Hip Slide (Push Hips – R & L)
2) Rib Cage Slide (Push Rib Cage – R & L)
3) Chest Lift
4) Chest Drop
5) Rib Cage Circle
6) Hip Bump R & L
7) Double Hip Bump R & L
8) Around The World (Hip Circle)
9) Bounce Around The World
10) Figure Eight Out
11) Figure Eight In
12) Three Step
13) 3 Point Turn
14) Cross Over Turns
15) Undulations (Camels)
16) Swan Arms
17) Snake Arms
18) Serpent Arms
19) Fan Hands (Lotus)
20) Head Slide R & L
21) Head Circle
22) Shimmy - Both Legs
23) Shimmy - R Leg
24) Shimmy - L Leg
25) Egyptian Shimmy
26) Shake
27) Belly Roll
28) Belly Flutter

If you would like a breakdown on any of the moves, please let me know and I will post them.


Belly Dance Moves/Steps (Great to Chifteteli)

1. Swing Around the World
2. Walk Around the World
3. Around the World Combo 1: A/W (R to L) Turn Backwards (L foot crosses R foot & turn R) W/Arms Crossed at Shoulders, Turn (complete turn to face front again while continuing A/W) into Basic Arms (Snake Arms) Repeat starting A/W from L to R
4. Around the World Combo 2: A/W (R to L) Twist L hip in & down (bring L heel up), 3 Hip Up-Down (until L hip is back in place, leave L heel up) Twist L hip in, Figure 8 Out (L hip - R hip, R hip only does ¼ of the 8), A/W with lift (to lift come up on the balls of your feet) on the front half of A/W
5. Maya, Kick Back, Camel (R hip L hip, jump onto R foot & kick back W/L foot, camel out) Repeat starting W/L hip etc.
6. Two Maya, Kick Back, Sway, Camel out
7. Khedy’s Sway (Down, Down, Up-Up-Up)
8. U-turns
9. Big & Small Maya’s
10. Camel’s In & Out (Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body)
11. Hand & Arm Movements
A. Fan
B. Swan
C. Swan into Taj Mahal
D. Snake
E. Serpent
F. Sorceress
G. Weave (One Hand at a Time/ Flamenco Style W/ Hands Together at Wrists)
H. Wrist Circles (In & Out)
I. Egyptian Basic/ Cross Hands at Wrists Bellow Chin, Open Hands Shoulder Width & Bring Down to the Hips
J. Sun & Moon
K. Caress (Hair/Breast/Hips)
L. Head & Face Caress (Looks Like Hands & Arms are Doing a Figure 8)
M. Hip Circle Arms
N. Swing Arms in a Circle (Up/Down)
O. Swing Arms in a Circle (Above Head, Keeping Arms Up)
P. Arms & Hands Pushing Out & Swooping In (as in Swing Around the World)
9. Rib Cage Circles, Locks & Pops
10. Flamenco Kick (kick skirt back & around front W/Basic Arms)
11. Side Figure 8 W/arm going opposite direction (arm is doing figure 8)
12. Layering Movements W/Shimmies
A. Figure 8 In & Out
B. Around the World
C. Ami Ami
D. Sway
E. Maya
F. Camel In & Out/ Full Body, Lower or Upper Body
G. Rib Cage Circles
H. Rib Cage Pops & Locks
I. Hip Pops & Locks
13) Figure 8 – Out Combo: Start W/L Hip, R Hip, Lift L Hip (ball of L foot comes up) and do 3 L Hip Drops. Repeat starting W/ R Hip
14) Figure 8 Out Combo 2: Start W/R Hip, L Hip, R Hip & Pivot on R foot towards R (turn half way to face back or all the way to face front again) continuing with the Figure 8 (so that R hip is pushed way out while pivoting) Repeat starting W/L Hip

Other Steps & Combos to Belady or Other Medium/Fast Beats

1) Sohair Zaki Hip Drops: (A) Classic; Down – Down. (B)Angle; Down but dropping at an angle back
2) Hip Bump Combo with Turn: Side Hip Bumps W/foot stepping side and coming back in place (start W/R hip) R hip, L hip, R hip, R foot crosses over L foot, Turn to L until you are facing front again (bring L heel up leaving toe down so that your L hip is lifted), 2 Horse Shoe W/L hip (R arm up L arm down framing L hip), Hip Bump Pivot (turning R) until you are facing front again. Repeat starting W/L hip
3) Turns (spins), jump sideways into ½ Around the World to back (arms cross at chest and go down the body, Ami Ami, (arms go slowly up), hands come up above head with Head Slide.


Around the World Combo 1: A/W (R, front, L, back, R), Twist L hip in & down (bring L heel up so that you are on the ball of the foot), 3 Hip Up-Down (until L hip is back in place, leave L heel up), Twist L hip in, Figure 8 Out (L hip - R hip, R hip only does ¼ of the 8), A/W with lift on the front half of A/W (to lift come up on the balls of your feet starting the circle from the R, front, L, back, R), Sway (R hip in L hip in R hip in). Repeat starting from L hip (L, front, R, back, L).

Sun & Moon
(Or Noon, Midnight Arm & Hand Movement)

The arm movement I call Sun & Moon or Noon, Midnight goes like this:

The right hand is the sun and the left hand is the moon.

Place the right hand by your right eye, palm facing you. Place your left hand by your left hip, hand pointing up, palm facing out. Since your right hand (sun) is up, it is noon. Now bring your right hand down and your left hand up (leave them in the same position, right palm facing you, left facing out) hands meet or cross each other in passing, like an eclipse, until the left hand is by the left eye, and the right hand by your right hip. Flip your wrists at the same time, left palm facing you and right palm facing out (you can flip your wrists very smoothly or you can give them a sharp flip). Since your left hand is the moon, it is now midnight.

It is difficult to explain in writing what needs to be shown, but I hope it made you remember the arm and hand movement.

Helena Vlahos


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